Etikettarkiv | gentle moves

Bowenterapi – reboot your system

Det tog 5 bowensessioner, en stor dos envishet och en stark vilja för denne man att gå från rullstolsbunden (för resten av hans liv, hade läkarna förutspått) till gående med käpp!

”The Bowen technique is a holistic approach to pain relief and injury recovery, claiming to tap into the body’s blueprint and reset the body to heal itself. The potential for recovery is stimulated by a series of gentle moves over muscles and tendons on specific areas of the body. Usually a patient needs no more than three or four sessions. The trained practitioner uses thumbs and index fingers making gentle rolling type moves across precise points on the body. These moves aim to disturb the muscles, connective tissue and subtle energies, sending a message to the brain, which responds by starting the repair process, creating balance and stimulating energy flow.”

Läs artikeln ifrån Irish Times (om Danny Spiessens hoppingivande läkningsresa) här: